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Information León

Far behind is left the military VII Gemina Legion, founder of León, and other circumstantial residents and visitors of the city. However, it is still present in the memory and works they left for centuries. León is a reference of antique times, a required stop on the ancient Camino de Santiago, whose relationship drew the Romanesque and Gothic inheritance that so richly populated roads, villas and, of course, the city of León.

The visitors appreciate in León the simplicity of Castile and the living history that represents the past of these lands. León is enjoyed through the routes of deep cultural, natural and gastronomic value that welcome you inside. But it is also an invitation to meet the Leonese people that are affable and easygoing, around the counters of bars, in the talks set between strong rations and dishes washed down with wines.

León is a city for short breaks and the gateways with attractives such as Astorga and its Episcopal Palace, Ponferrada and its castle, or the historical collection of Peñalba of Santiago, besides hiking trails of the Las Médulas nature and popular festivals celebrated in the calendar of León.

It is in the luxury hotels in León from where to begin the most exciting routs that can be undertaken in the city and its providences. Enjoy in exclusive luxury hotels in León from one of the proposals Eurostars Hotels have to offer to make in León.

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