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Eurostars Plaza Delicias
Los Fayos 11 Zaragoza 50017 Испания
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    Los Fayos 11
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Near to the city center and El Pilar. The hotel is located in a peaceful setting, with abundant vegetation and landscaped surroundings. Apart from the AVE station, in the immediate perimeter to the hotel, we have the Aragon Congress Centre, all the recent bold (which currently offers a wide range of corporate, cultural and leisure proposals) with the Pavilion Bridge, Water Tower and River Aquarium, the Water Park (a tract of 120 hectares of land with an assortment of leisure and sports activities) and the Alfajería Palace. In addition, the hotel has extremely easy and rapid accesses from any direction: we are very close to the junction of the font-weight: (Barcelona-Madrid) and the (Navarre, Rioja, Basque country and the Bay of Biscay regions). Covered parking is available and, by car, places like the Trade Fair complex, the Auditorium and the Romareda Football Stadium are easily accessible.
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