Eurostars Hotel Company
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        Eurostars Hotel Company
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        The home of 20th-century celebrities

        The Eurostars Hotel Excelsior is a palace built on the Neapolitan coast in the 19th century, following the unification of Italy. It opened its doors in late January 1908, with an inauguration attended by members of the nobility and personalities from around the world.

        With over 110 years of history, the building has survived two world wars without losing a bit of its elegance. It served as the Presidium of the Red Cross during the First World War and was bombed during the Second World War, initially functioning as a hospital and later as the headquarters of the American troops. After these tragic events, it reopened in 1947 with a new interior inspired by the Belle Époque.

        Adorned with Murano glass lamps, Carrara marble, and silk walls, this luxurious building has become the preferred home for the most prominent personalities in the world, including artists, intellectuals, and politicians. From Prince Umberto of Savoy to Alfred Hitchcock, Winston Churchill, Alexander Fleming, or Luciano Pavarotti. They have all enjoyed its beauty, immortalized in films such as 'Viaggio in Italia' (1954) by Roberto Rossellini or 'Il giudizio universale' (1961) by Vittorio De Sica.

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