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        Occitania spa

        Our exclusive spa includes holistic treatments, which focus on the complete wellbeing of the body and mind. It is more than a complementary service, it is a set of facilities designed to offer all kinds of treatments and care from wraps, massages and facials to mini-treatments for children, in a peaceful and caring environment where you can immerse yourself in a complete state of wellbeing.

        Our establishment is very special, as it is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters, surrounded by an incomparable Pyrenean landscape, which makes it an exclusive location that is more than suitable for practicing skiing or any other winter sports, or for fully relaxing and enjoying body or cosmetic care.

        Each season we offer you new treatments based on natural products using the flora and fruits of the Vall d'Arán combined with the most prestigious brands that will make you feel renewed inside and out.

        Часы работы

        • From 1 pm to 9 pm. During peak season from 11 am to 9 pm.

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        Our facilities

        Turkish bath, hydromassage bathtub and mud treatments

        Individual and couple massage rooms


        Hydromassage bathtub, 4-degree bath and pediluvium

        Bi-thermal shower and Swedish sauna

        Bi-thermal shower and Swedish sauna

        Часы работы

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        Massages and treatments

        Discover our massages and treatments based on natural products, using the flora and fruits of the Val d’Arán.

        Before each treatment, we recommended you loosen any accumulated tension in the water circuit (for people over 16) made up of steam, lakes and waterfalls that will help you enjoy your chosen treatment 100%. Finishing with a relaxing "dream" in one of the beds with an herbal tea, a heated aromatherapy neck wrap and relaxing music.

        • Massage withl Vall d'Aran honey
        • Hot stones massage
        • Cervical-craneal massage
        • Feet reflexology massage
        • Back and Cervical massage
        • Leg circulation massage
        • Relaxing massage
        • Deep tissue massage
        • Aromatherapy massage
        • Couples massage
        • Lymphatic drainage

        Часы работы

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