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        Our spa

        In the Spa by Ambery from Eurostars Matosinhos, we provide you a unique and unforgettable trip, allowing complete relax.

        We have, at our clients disposal, a modern massage room, developed to promote renovation of body and mind, getting to deep emotional equilibrium.

        The Spa facilities offers sauna, sensation shower and vitality pool, helping to detoxify and hydrate the skin. Ideal to relieve tensions and to desconect of stress and worries.

        Our personalized treatments unite ancestral techniques, relaxing massages and the use of natural products, leading to sensorial experiences, perfect to purificate the body and to eliminate toxins, allowing rest and wellness sensation.

        Часы работы

        • С понедельника по пятницу с 11:00 до 20:00. Суббота, воскресенье и праздничные дни с 10:00 до 20:00.

        Дополнительная информация

        • Matosinhos Touch
          • 45 min75€
          A massage to relieve neck, back and shoulder tensions. Reduce stress, activate circulation and provides an excelent relax and wellness sensation.
        • Serene Soul Massage
          • 60 min90€
          Experience effective and immediate relaxation, relieving all stress-related tension. Long steady flowing strokes and therapeutic techniques at various pressure levels. It is indicated for Jet-Lag, to balance emotions and to reduce stress and anxiety.
        • Intentional Aromatherapy Massage
          • 60 min105€
          Therapeutic application of essential oils, assisting the metabolism and the functioning of the physical systems, psychological and emotional, relieving stress, muscle pain and nausea. This massage aims to balance and harmonize each person individually.
        • Double Treatment Matosinhos
          • 60 min178€
          Enjoy a massage with your partner that combines deeply relaxing techniques, where a special synchronization happens simultaneously. A unique and remarkable experience.
        • Deeply Therapeutic Massage
          • 60 min95€
          The objective of this deeply therapeutic massage is chronic tensión. Using a variety of techniques, your therapist helps bringing relief to areas of pain and stiffness.
        • Foot Massage
          • 30 min48€
          Ideal for tired and dehydrated feet, this is a treatment with exfoliation, hydration and massage. Exfoliation eliminates dead cells and softens the feet, preparing them for a gentle hydrating massage. It achieves calming effects that help restore energy balance.
        • Essential Aromatic Exfoliation
          • 60 min110€
          • 90 min148€
          A body scrub that brings the healing benefits of Dead Sea salt, removes dead cells and offers a soft, silky and velvety skin sensation, followed by a massage with essential oils, which restores the skin's radiance and softness.
        • Radiance Ritual
          • 45 min78€
          A wonderful oxygenating treatment that gives an instant boost and lightens the skin leaving an even, radiant appearance. It is made with natural and organic Charm D’Orient products.
        • Sublime Facial
          • 30 min50€
          It is a relaxation treatment to the face, performed with the noble Argan Oil, giving back to the face a perfect hydration, purification and luminosity, made gently with various facial massage techniques
        • On the Banks of the Dead Sea
          • 75 min120€
          A deeply relaxing treatment. Salth of th Dead Sea has its therapeutics benefits knowen for more than 2.000 years. With more than 26 vital minerals, like potassium, zinc, magnesium or calcium, estimulating metabolism, relax of muscles and blood circulation.
        • The Secrets of Argan
          • 75 min120€
          A refuge in the heart of Morocco, this treatment combines an exfoliation with pink crystal mineral clay, followed by an argan butter massage. It nourishes, relaxes and repairs all skin types, leaving it illuminated and with a silky touch.