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        130 € per person

        Thermal relax

        Anti-stress treatment, enriched by the properties of our sodium-chloride and ferruginous medicinal mineral waters.

        Alleviates muscle discomfort, such as contractures, or joint pain. Relieves insomnia thanks to its relaxing, sedative effect. Includes:

        1. Whirlpool thermal bath: immerse yourself in an individual bathtub with jets and bubbles and relax in your own private space, benefiting from minerals from La Toja spring waters directly on your skin.
        2. Parafango mud is applied to decongest, eliminate toxins and alleviate muscular discomfort. This prepares the muscles for the massage, reducing muscular and nervous tension resulting in more effective and receptive treatment.
        3. The treatment is rounded off with a moisturising, relaxing body massage enhanced by the characteristic aromas of La Toja salts – perfect for getting away from it all and relaxing in a short period of time.

        Duration: 90 minutes.

        Treatment subject to prior reservation via e-mail.

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